Pros and cons of convertible car seats?


What’s that one thing that you look for when you plan to travel with your baby? You may name variety of things ranging from a diaper bag to water bottles and baby blankets. Well, the most important thing will be a car seat. You can’t carry your baby in your lap while travelling in your car. You need a car seat. If it is convertible then it will be a better option.

A convertible car seat is preferred by the parents for many reasons. Before deciding on to buy one for your baby, consider the following advantages and disadvantages.


  • It allows enough space between mother and baby. Parents and baby can stay comfortable without disturbing each other.
  • Convertible car seats are robust in construction and can be fixed easily. Due to its reliable built they can carry heavier babies. They can also work efficiently for bigger babies and kids up to age of 5 years or 65 pounds.
  • These are versatile and can be fixed as rear facing or front facing according to the age of the baby or your preference.
  • The convertibility of this kind of car seat makes it economical. If you get a good quality convertible car seat it can be used for many years. It is one time investment in baby furniture.
  • The convertible car seats are better for infants as they can be seated in rear facing position. This is an ideal situation in case of a sudden brake or shock due to accident.



  • Since the car seats are convertible in nature so some parents do find them ill-suited for their young babies. Some time they need to adjust the seat for baby’s tiny body by using cushions. The baby may feel uncomfortable in such situation.
  • It can be fixed in upright position. If you want your baby to lie down comfortably and fall asleep then you may not be able to do so. Baby may not feel comfortable to sleep.
  • It can remain fixed in the car and you cannot take it out and carry it along if you want to move around.
  • Even though a single convertible car seat can serve for babies and toddlers, but the contraption and harness system remains the same. As your baby grows you may find it unsuitable or insecure for a growing baby.


Considering the economical value a convertible car seat saves a lot due to its versatility. But it may become a bit uncomfortable for a kid if the needed adjustments and settings are missing.



5 things to leave behind when you go RVing


If you’re like most people, you probably tend to pack more things than you need for any type of trip. It’s quite interesting how we manage to go day by day with just a few items and when we want to travel we get everything out of the closets. The worst part is that we fool ourselves into believing that we need useless products in order to have fun. However, there are ways to kill this disease from spreading and it all comes down to making a list of the most unnecessary things that we must leave behind when going RVing.

  1. Avoid packing all the canned foods from your house

We all know that food is a must and you can’t survive in the outdoors without a decent meal. Canned foods are so popular because they are easy to store and ready to be consumed. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t pack dozens of them but stick to the basics. Opt instead for other types of ingredients and plan each meal ahead of time. Otherwise, you might end up with all sorts of soup cans that no one wants to eat.


  1. Electronic items

I bet you’ve seen lots of people going on a camping trip with their RV and packing things such as laptops, video game consoles, and tablet. I am saying that this is a bad habit but you should enjoy the time off and relax. Forget about staring into a small screen and look at the beauties nature has to offer.

The worst part is that some people that go camping with their families take their laptop and some files to catch up some of their office work. This is not a good idea because you need to partake in all group activities. Plus, you risk damaging or even losing the device. Take only your mobile phone for emergency situations and an RV GPS unit, so you won’t get lost.

  1. How many kitchen appliances you need?

This is a very good question that you need to ask yourself before embarking on your RV journey. Since it’s preferable to keep your meals simple, you should forget about fancy appliances such as cappuccino machines, waffle maker, and toasters. The whole point is to benefit from a raw experience. Therefore, stick to easy-to-make recipes that require only pots, pans or a campfire.


  1. Freshwater

Water is crucial but unless you travel to a deserted island, you’ll find plenty of stores on your way where you can get new supplies of freshwater. There’s really no need to get hundreds of gallons with you because many camping grounds provide tourists with clean fresh water. Besides, when camping in those locations, don’t forget to dump the gray water.


  1. Firewood

You might save a few money if you buy the firewood ahead but storage is a big issue. Wood is quite affordable and you can find it almost anywhere along the roadside. So estimate your needs and only buy a few.





4 awesome camping sites in the U.S.


I fell in love with camping and spending time in nature when I was a kid. I used to go camping with my family, mainly my parents and my grandparents whenever the first had the time. I’ve always been of the opinion that spending some hours in the middle of the woods hiking is way better than watching TV every night.

Of course, my time is limited now that I’m all grown up, but I still like to organize camping trips once in a while. I’ve been fortunate enough to afford an RV that I take out whenever I have a week off. There are many reasons to own a motorhome, one of them being that you are not restricted in terms of the places you can visit. I enjoy traveling and meeting new people, so it’s definitely my cup of tea.

One thing I would like to mention before I move on to and tell you all about four amazing camping sites in America is that you should never leave home without an RV GPS. It’s one of the handiest gadgets I’ve used in my life because there is no way you can know how to reach a camping ground without proper instructions.

North Rim Campground, Grand Canyon National Park

There are two places that every American has to visit in their lifetime, and those are Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park. This camping site is fantastic because you’ll be able to enjoy a bit of privacy. It’s large and packed with breathtaking views that will have you wanting to take up photography. RVs are allowed.

Sage Creek Primitive Campground, Badlands National Park

This campsite is something else. If you really want to know how America used to look like several hundreds of years ago, you should consider the location. It’s a unique place to visit and hosts one of the largest populations of foxes in the country. There are fifteen camping sites in the park, so you can choose whichever you like. I do have to add that there’s no running water, so make sure to be prepared.


Memaloose Campground, Memaloose State Park

The coolest thing about this park is that it has over one hundred sites. It’s one of the most convenient places to visit, in my opinion, because it has showers, flush toilets, picnic tables, and everything else. Also, if you’re the owner of a bigger RV, you’re not in for a surprise as even these are allowed here.

Jedediah Smith Campground, Jedediah SmithRedwood State Park

If you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings and any other movie where the woods play an important part, you’re going to love this park. It’s packed with as many as eighty-nine camping sites, and the variety of services is truly daunting. Only small RVs are allowed, so keep that in mind before going on the road.