5 things to leave behind when you go RVing

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If you’re like most people, you probably tend to pack more things than you need for any type of trip. It’s quite interesting how we manage to go day by day with just a few items and when we want to travel we get everything out of the closets. The worst part is that we fool ourselves into believing that we need useless products in order to have fun. However, there are ways to kill this disease from spreading and it all comes down to making a list of the most unnecessary things that we must leave behind when going RVing.

  1. Avoid packing all the canned foods from your house

We all know that food is a must and you can’t survive in the outdoors without a decent meal. Canned foods are so popular because they are easy to store and ready to be consumed. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t pack dozens of them but stick to the basics. Opt instead for other types of ingredients and plan each meal ahead of time. Otherwise, you might end up with all sorts of soup cans that no one wants to eat.


  1. Electronic items

I bet you’ve seen lots of people going on a camping trip with their RV and packing things such as laptops, video game consoles, and tablet. I am saying that this is a bad habit but you should enjoy the time off and relax. Forget about staring into a small screen and look at the beauties nature has to offer.

The worst part is that some people that go camping with their families take their laptop and some files to catch up some of their office work. This is not a good idea because you need to partake in all group activities. Plus, you risk damaging or even losing the device. Take only your mobile phone for emergency situations and an RV GPS unit, so you won’t get lost.


  1. How many kitchen appliances you need?

This is a very good question that you need to ask yourself before embarking on your RV journey. Since it’s preferable to keep your meals simple, you should forget about fancy appliances such as cappuccino machines, waffle maker, and toasters. The whole point is to benefit from a raw experience. Therefore, stick to easy-to-make recipes that require only pots, pans or a campfire.


  1. Freshwater

Water is crucial but unless you travel to a deserted island, you’ll find plenty of stores on your way where you can get new supplies of freshwater. There’s really no need to get hundreds of gallons with you because many camping grounds provide tourists with clean fresh water. Besides, when camping in those locations, don’t forget to dump the gray water.


  1. Firewood

You might save a few money if you buy the firewood ahead but storage is a big issue. Wood is quite affordable and you can find it almost anywhere along the roadside. So estimate your needs and only buy a few.